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India’s first clinic dedicated to Spine Rehabilitation by an expert team of Spine Physiotherapists.

QI Spine Clinic's approach is more effective because it is individualized to each case. We use the latest technologies and evidence-based methods to enable recovery even in the toughest of cases.

Each patient goes through a personalized 4 step Spine Rehabilitation programme comprising of:
• Diagnosis
• Pain Management
• Precision Treatment
• Prevention



A Specialised team of doctors
Our expert team of Spine Physiotherapists have specialized in Spine Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics. They work collaboratively with an advisory panel of India's leading Spine Surgeons, Neurologists, Rheumatologists and Doctors of Physical Medicine.
Latest and Safest Spinal Technologies
QI Spine Clinic uses the latest global technologies proven for diagnosis, pain management & treatment of back & neck pain
About our technologies
• Advanced European technology for testing spine function. The Digital Spine Analysis (DSA) provides precise & objective functional diagnosis

• Safest method of pain reduction with Frequency Specific Microcurrent technology (FSM) from Germany

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Our clinics are present across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore